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It’s one thing to LEARN the techniques, the practices, the science and the impact of this work, it is a whole other ball game to feel unshakeable in your ability as a facilitator and a teacher to hold your clients or students in transformational sessions. 

In the Space Holders Bootcamp, join Ava Johanna and Lexi Rodriguez, founder and lead teacher of The Academy of Breath 12 Week Breathwork Certification and 6 Month Advanced Practitioner Training, for two weeks of education, practice, and integration to enhance the five key components of spaceholding: 


 Flow/Structure of Programming 

Intention + Setting the Container

Personality + Unique Expression

Holding Space for Emotions, Release, and Client Reactions 

 Each day, you will learn how to work with each of these components and apply it to teaching in person, online, one on one, and group settings. This bootcamp is a must-have deep dive into becoming a safe and powerful guide for your clients and students whether you teach mindfulness, breathwork, movement, or somatics.

 By the end of the Space Holders Bootcamp, you will know: 

How to listen, respond, and guide your clients based off of where they are at and what they desire to achieve through your work together so that you feel confident taking an individualistic approach to each person that enters your world. 

How to stay in your own energy so that you don’t carry your client’s experiences, challenges or projections with you into your own life.


How to map your client’s nervous system so that they are able to quickly shift their patterns or beliefs resulting in lasting transformation. 

How to prepare yourself for sessions so that you feel grounded and tapped in to your own intuition and power as a space holder.

Whether you are a coach, teacher, energy worker, body worker, or instructor, the skills and embodiment work inside of the Space Holders Bootcamp will take the work that you are doing with your clients to the next level.
Join us August 7-18, with live calls on Mondays, Wednesdays, &
Fridays at 2pm CST.
All calls will be recorded and placed in a course portal
for lifetime access!

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